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Why use it?

For Help Desks

According to the Helpdesk Institute, "The average Helpdesk Support operator receives 107 support calls per week…with the average first level help desk call taking 5.5 minutes. 61% of these calls move to an escalation procedure and take in excess of 10 minutes".

The largest single portion of support requests relate to issues with applications and software. That's why NetSupport 24-7 not only allows operators to respond to support requests instantly but also to perform real-time hardware and software inventories. Knowing what's installed on a users PC reduces escalation times and ensures operators can deal with more requests in less time.

NetSupport 24-7 also compiles an incident record for all users, which allows for more effective problem resolution. Knowing the history of previous problems reported on a specific PC leads to faster problem identification.

Commercial Rationale

For Hardware Software Vendors

It's all about service and adding value. As competition increases, many hardware and software vendors generate minimal margin from the physical solution delivered. The competitive edge and therefore profit maximisation, is created through the ongoing and future support of those solutions provided.

NetSupport 24-7 offers "on demand" remote access and support. With one simple mouse click, users can chat to designated operators, request and receive help, finally returning to work without any detectable change to the status of that workers PC.

Commercial Rationale

For IT Consultants

Every organisation, whether large or small, relies on its IT infrastructure to remain efficient and competitive.

However, small to medium businesses often find it difficult to justify providing a permanent IT Support resource. The need to reduce downtime of critical systems and ensure essential IT infrastructure is available when needed most still remains of primary importance which is why many organisations turn to you, their IT consulting partners.

Whilst recognising the need to offer remote support capabilities to your customer base, we understand that many consulting partners are often reluctant to adopt a permanent support solution up front, without first being able to predict the likely usage levels. Equally, many of your customers are resistant to having a permanent client application resident on their PCs, in the event remote support is required.

That's why with NetSupport 24-7 you can now offer your customer base, "on demand" remote support. It's fully web based and requires no previous installation of any software.

It's makes financial sense too as you only pay depending on actual usage levels which means these cost savings can be passed on to your customer base. Not only will you be improving the quality of service you currently offer to your customer base but with the added benefit of reduced costs.

Commercial Rationale

For Outsourced Services

More and more organisations are relinquishing responsibility for their entire IT operation to a third party or selecting discreet elements of the business to be run by an external company. The financial rationale is clear, in that predictable monthly fees are preferable to incurring IT staffing and maintenance costs.

Here, remote monitoring and network management technologies are essential to ensure mission critical systems remain available when needed most.

With NetSupport 24-7, a flexible payment plan allows Outsourcing partners to offer their managed service customers the benefit of "on demand" remote support, leading to predictable monthly fees and an overall reduction of IT staff costs.

As it's "On Demand", there is no need to pre-install software. A dynamic client is automatically sent to the user, which only lasts for the duration of the incident / support session. On completion, this "client" is removed, returning the users PC to its exact original state.

An incident summary is then generated and logged, confirming the specific details of the call and any action taken.

Commercial Rationale