NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

Product: NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange
Developer: Neuxpower
Release: v1.2.4 (10/03/2016)
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NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files on your Exchange server

Reduce Email Server Storage

NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange reduces email storage space by replacing large PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF file attachments with smaller optimized versions. Once connected to your Exchange server it automatically finds and optimizes all supported attachments, reclaiming wasted capacity, slowing storage growth, reducing backups and extending server life.

Adding NXPowerLite to your Exchange toolbox is an easy and effective way to get more value from your hardware investment.

Save email storage space with NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

How it works

Large PDF and Microsoft Office files often contain lots of high-resolution images, and background data not required for normal use of the file. By removing this data and unneeded excess bytes from internal graphics and standalone JPEGs, NXPowerLite radically reduces files to their smallest size - without compromising quality.

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