Policy Patrol

Product: Policy Patrol
Developer: Red Earth Software
Release: v10 (13/11/2014)
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Advanced Email Security with Unmatched Flexibility

Policy Patrol for Exchange Server and Lotus Domino is an advanced email filter for enterprises of all sizes and helps regulate and optimize corporate email usage. Policy Patrol currently filters emails for more than 350,000 users worldwide.

Each Policy Patrol edition addresses the pain points of email use; spam, phishing, viruses, large attachments, inappropriate use, a need for content-driven automatic disclaimers and signatures, archiving requirements, content security, confidentiality concerns, reputation and brand protection, and preventing legal issues involving email.


  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Reduce Liability
  3. Ensure Compliance
  4. Optimize Your Network Use

Policy Patrol is available in several editions to allow you to only purchase the features you need or as a bundle in the Policy Patrol Enterprise Edition:

ModuleFeaturesFurther Information
Policy Patrol Spam FilterAnti-spam & anti-phishingLearn More »
Policy Patrol DisclaimersEmail disclaimers & signaturesLearn More »
Policy Patrol Zip Email attachment compression & decompressionLearn More »
Policy Patrol Mail Server ToolsEmail security and managementLearn More »
Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle Anti-Spam + Disclaimers + Zip + Archiver + Advanced Email security + Content filtering Learn More »