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Product: Policy Patrol
Developer: Red Earth Software
Release: v10 (13/11/2014)
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Manage Your Company’s Outlook Signatures

Need to centrally manage your company’s email signatures and disclaimers, but have no Exchange Server? Policy Patrol Signatures works with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access, and allows you to centrally manage your user’s Outlook email signatures to ensure that your user’s emails contain a professional email signature along with the necessary legal disclaimer and company footer.

(Note: If you wish to add email signatures and disclaimers on your Exchange Server, take a look at our Policy Patrol Disclaimers for Exchange product.)

By making use of Active Directory merge fields, you can configure just one email signature template that is automatically customized with the sender’s information. Email signatures can contain images, links and formatting. Policy Patrol Signatures also allows you to control the message font that is used when sending messages in Outlook, and to distinguish between email signatures used on new messages and on replies and forwards.

Brand Your Emails

When each employee’s email consistently uses email signatures in a professional and sophisticated manner, your company presents itself as a top-tier brand and organization. That image boost doesn’t require the high-cost of employees making manual changes to signatures and disclaimers. With Policy Patrol Signatures, it can be set up once and done automatically without requiring an Exchange Server.

Email Signature Management in the Cloud

Are you looking for hosted email signature management?  For Office 365, Google Apps and hosted Exchange, you can manage your signatures online for employees in the office and on the road. Try the 14-day trial email sales@pillar-solutions.com

Policy Patrol Signatures Use this product if:

  1. You do not have an on-premise Exchange Server.

  2. You have Google Apps, Office 365 or hosted Exchange.

  3. You want to see the email signature before you click ‘Send'.

  4. You wish to control the default fonts used by your employees.

  5. You do not want an encrypted/signed message to be added as an attachment.


Policy Patrol Signatures for Office 365/ Google Apps/ Hosted Email

  1. Project a uniform, professional appearance by standardizing email signatures.

  2. Utilize emails as marketing tools by adding company news and promotions.

  3. Increase corporate awareness by adding a logo to your email signatures.

  4. Minimize legal risks regarding email contents.

  5. Aid compliance with IRS Circular 230, HIPAA, UK Companies Act and others.

  6. Protect confidentiality with appropriate email disclaimers.


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