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Product: Policy Patrol
Developer: Red Earth Software
Release: v10 (13/11/2014)
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Advanced Threat Detection with OPSWAT Metascan

With OPSWAT’s Metascan add-on for Policy Patrol Mail Security, advanced threats and other email-borne malware, as well as zero-day and targeted attacks can be detected and blocked.

Scan Email Attachments with Multiple Anti-Malware Engines

Using Metascan technology, Policy Patrol Mail Security can quickly scan email attachments with multiple anti-malware engines to detect and block advanced threats. By using between 4 and 30 anti-malware engines from vendors like Symantec, ESET, McAfee, and many others, Metascan technology increases detection rates for all types of malware without the hassle of licensing and maintaining multiple antivirus engines. Engines integrated into Metascan are optimized to scan simultaneously for fast, high performance scanning.

Sanitize Email Attachments and Perform File Type Verification

To prevent advanced threats that might be missed by anti-malware engines, Metascan can sanitize potentially dangerous file types, thwarting zero-day and targeted attacks by converting to a different file type (e.g. DOC to PDF) to eliminate any embedded threats. With Metascan’s file verification technology, email attachments with spoofed file type extensions can be blocked, preventing for instance .exe files posing as .txt files from entering your organization.

Why Metascan?

No antivirus engine is perfect. With over 220,000 new threats emerging daily, it would be impossible for any single antivirus product to provide guaranteed detection 100% of the time. By combining between 4 and 30 anti-malware engines in a server application, Metascan increases detection rates significantly while maintaining fast scanning performance.

Benefits of Metascan:


Metascan is available as an add-on for Policy Patrol Mail Security in the packages listed below. Contact sales@pillar-solutions.com for pricing information.