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Product: Resolve Help Desk
Developer: Pillar Solutions
Release: v 5.10.0000 (25/05/16)
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Effortlessly track, organize, manage and answer the toughest desktop support challenges with Resolve - a powerful and entirely web-based help desk and ticket management solution from Pillar Solutions.

Service management staff know that managing user expectations and keeping a history of all issues and resolutions is the key to providing quality support.

Minimizing the amount of system downtime is essential together with ensuring an effective solution is in place to assist and support users of IT assets.

Ideally suited for small and medium sized organizations, yet fully scalable for the larger Enterprise, Resolve has been developed to minimize the amount of system downtime whilst providing effective support for all users of IT assets.

Resolve offers:

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As a fully web based system, Resolve requires no software pre-installation and provides an import wizard to allow for simple importing of user details from other external systems.


As every organization is unique, possessing differing requirements, Resolve allows for the customization of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, Resolve can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your organization.


Use the real time corporate status reports to gauge the effectiveness of how support requests are being managed and maintained. Encouraging the improved productivity of the help desk is only half the challenge. Educating your users to reduce the frequency of future support requests is equally important. With Resolve, users are able to search for answers before logging a support request and check and review on-line the status of their Help Desk ticket.


Knowing what hardware and software is installed on your users PC will help to reduce call escalation whilst increasing problem resolution. By integrating a 3rd party inventory solution - such as NetSupport DNA - you can use Resolve to obtain a full inventory for each of your users systems together with an ongoing history by user for all previous support requests. Resolve empowers your help desk operators, giving them the information needed to deal with more requests in less time.


Because no two organizations are the same and therefore rely on different critical systems to remain competitive and efficient, resolve allows for automatic priority assignment of ticket types. For example, a trouble ticket relating to "Server Failure" can be automatically assigned "Urgent Priority" status and allocated to the "Server" specialist within the Help Desk team.


Resolve has been developed in accordance with the ITIL® Service Desk function described in OGC's ITIL® Service Support book.

Web demonstration

As the saying goes, 'seeing is believing'! To find out how easy to use and effective Resolve really is we can offer you an introductory one-to-one web demonstration. Our web demo allows you to explore Resolve from the comfort and convenience of your own desktop. After the demonstration, you'll have the opportunity to speak directly with a technical support expert during a question-and-answer session.

Call us on 01732 363670 to book your one-to-one web demo.

Alternatively, you can try Resolve for yourself, right now, by downloading our free fully-functional 30-day trial.