Product: SafeToGo
Developer: Cardwave
Release: Latest
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The many benefits of SafeToGo


Mandatory Password Protection

The always-on password is the only thing that can give access to the data you store on your device

Automatic Hardware Encryption

SafeToGo provides full hardware encryption of all data, featuring a single on-board security chip that can’t be bypassed and encrypts all data with AES-256 bit in CBC-mode

User-Friendly Setup

The encryption is totally transparent, and no software installation nor administrative privleges are needed

Timer Lockdown

In case SafeToGo is left unattended in a computer, a unique timer automatically will lock it after a customizable number of minutes.

Hardware Brute-Force Protection

Built in password attempt counter and user alert system that tracks faulty unlock attempts

Authorized Autorun

SafeToGo always overwrites the autorun.inf  file from the encryption storage volume to protect against autorun viruses.

Fast Start-Up

Unlock SafeToGo in as little as one second after plugging it in.

Epoxy-Sealed Chip

Dipped in epoxy, the device controller that handles all security is tamper-proof and thus superior to and more reliable than multible-chip solutions and software attempts.

Total Reset

SafeToGo can be wiped clean and reset to factory settings

Compact Design

Thanks to its small and robust design, SafeToGo fits in the narrowest of USB ports, even in the tight compartmentsof many notebooks.

Zero Failure

SafeToGo has a hardware failure rate of less than 0.1% 

Manageable – Also on Mac

SafeConsole allows you to manage multiple devices wherever they are in the world, providing remote reset of passwords, backup, write protection, wiping of sticks, and more

Multi Language Support

SafeToGo support 11 of the most widely used languages in Europe and Asia.

Life Cycle Management

When a user leaves the organization, reissuing the SafeToGo to a new user is as easy as clicking a button. The durability of a SafeToGo™ makes it a long-lasting investment.

Unique Randomly Generated Key

Encryption keys are randomly generated on-board (using ANSI X9.31 RNG) at user setup, leaving no back door.